Have you ever signed up to something only to find out that its not quite what it seemed?

You try to leave but the “small print” in the contract means that you have agreed to name your first born child after the company and pledge a % of your monthly earnings to them until the apocalypse comes. I am of course joking but I wanted to outline our simple terms and conditions of membership.

You see I want our relationship to be built on trust, honesty and fairness…… both ways.

1. Payments are on a rolling basis month to month. At the time of writing they are collected by paypal or by direct debit. In both instances it is NOT us who collects those payments. As a small business we use a third party company who then take their fee and then pass on the balance to us.

2. To cancel your monthly membership you must give 30 days written notice (email is fine). Why do you have to do this? We are a small business with limited places. Often we don’t do any advertising if the group is full so that 30 days allows us to market your place. Imagine if 20 people just cancelled with no notice the day before a block started – I would be left severely out of pocket, I wouldn’t be able to afford to send my child on cub camp and I wouldn’t be able to buy any new trainers. You can never have too many pairs of trainers can you?

3. What if I go on holiday?

In the same way that you pay your gym membership whether you attend or not our memberships remain in force and we cannot do pro rata memberships if you happen to be on holiday for 2 weeks. Our rent and staff bill is the same all year round, imagine the impact it would have on us as a small business if 20 people went on holiday for the same week and we halved our income. If you were to go on holiday for a month you could theoretically cancel your membership (as detailed in point 2 above) but we couldn’t guarantee there will be a place for you when you wanted to come back.

4. What if I get injured or move?

If you pick up an injury that stops you taking part or you move out of area then of course you can cancel as per section 2 detailed above.

5. What if I only want to do 1 month? 

To be 100% honest with you our program isn’t really designed for people wanting a quick fix or to dip in and dip out. You can of course do this but would need to tell us at the time of booking so that you are giving us your 30 days notice as per section 2 above.

That’s about it!

We don’t want to tie people in that don’t want to be training with us but we do ask that you respect the fact that we are a small local business surviving against all the big globo gyms.